Firm Overview

A Responsible and
Educated Staff

Christopher L. Plunkett and Matthew J. Rando, Attorneys at Law, represent over 50 years of legal experience in residential and commercial real estate, banking, estate planning, probate administration and business law.  Plunkett & Rando, P.C. is poised to provide its clients with expert and competent representation.

Flexible to Meet Your Needs

Our firm has earned a reputation for outstanding integrity and sound judgment.  We provide our clients with prompt and efficient professional service on a diverse array of legal matters.  We offer our clients the unique advantage of personal contact along with experienced, skilled representation.  We maintain close contact with our clients and are readily available for consultation.

Quality of Service

We are proud of our entrepreneurial character and our commitment to personalized and professional representation.  We believe that the selection of legal counsel demonstrates a statement of trust demanding zealous representation in return.  In matters large and small, our philosophy is reflected in our dedication to furnishing vigorous and competent representation while advancing our tradition of outstanding client service.